Hacona S-Type


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Hacona Pro Seal Industrial Heat Bagging Machine


A range of premium quality semi-automatic sealing machines that can be used to seal filled bags. Ssuitable for sealing a range of polythene including layflat tubing and bags and suitable for use with PE, PP and PVC films.  The Heat Sealers include a 5 mm industrial seal and integral safety cutter that neatly trims the edge of the bag following the sealing cycle. 


Available in four sealing lengths

Machine Sealing Length Power Seals Per Shift
S420 420mm - 16 inch 600 W 200-400
S620 620mm - 24 inch 670 W 200-400
S820 820mm - 32 inch 1200 W 200-400
S1020 1020mm - 40 inch 1465 W 200-400


All of the S–Type machines work on an impulse sealing principle which means the sealing wire only gets hot when sealing bar is closed, this ensures maximum safety, maximum energy saving and maximum reliabilty. All the Hacona Pro Seal machines provide consistant temperature along the full length of the sealing wire with no hot spots. This means that it is possible to seal the narrowest bag on the widest sealer increasing the versitility of every machine in the Hacona S type range.



All of our S-Type Hacone Heat Sealers are made for industrial heavy duty use and have the following features:

  • Easy to operate in a variety of applications.
  • Electrically conttrolled and independantly adjustable sealing and cooling times.
  • Gas spring regulared sealing bar opening for safe and smooth operation.
  • Integral sealing wire tensioning system for perfect sealing results.
  • Integral safety film slitter.
  • Designed to seal filled and produce bags from polythene rolls.



The machine body and the sealing bar of each Hacona S–Type impulse heat sealer is made from a one piece ultra strong magnesium aluminum profile. This design feature assures an absolute flat surface for the specially designed impulse heat sealing system. Additionally with the specially designed aluminium flutes inside the frame assists cooling of the sealing wires after the sealing cycle is greatly improved, this in-turn increases the reliability on life span of the sealing elements and gives a far more consistant and strength of seal.

Work Table Stands for S-Type Hacona Pro Seal Heat Sealers


With a great range of accessories available designed exclusivley for use with the S Type machines, is it easy to create and customise a solution that will increase productivity in your packaging process. This great range includes working tables to bring the heat sealer to a perfect working height, bag supports and foot pedals to ensure smooth workflow. With these innovative urolling devices it is also possible to work with different roll sizes easily and efficiently helping not only bag sealing productivity but also helping reduce waste.

We also supply a full range of spare parts for all of our Hacona sealers.