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Hacona E-type

Hacona E-Type Heat Sealing Machines

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Heavy Duty Heat Sealing Machines

E-Type Semi-Automatic Impulse Sealers with Electrical Foot Pedal & Digital Display


The Hacona E – type range of impulse heat sealing machines are available from stock in 5 different sealing bar lengths the 420mm ,620mm,820mm,1020mm and 1320mm.

All of the E–Type machines work on an impulse sealing principle which means the sealing wire only gets hot when the sealing bar is closed, this ensures maximum safety, maximum energy saving and maximum reliabilty. All the Hacona Pro Seal machines provide a consistant temperature along the full length of the sealing wire with no hot spots. This means that it is possible to seal the narrowest bag on the widest sealer increasing the versitility of every machine in the Hacona E type range.

The maximum material thicknesses for the standard E–type bar sealers are listed below. 

PE Polyethilene (Poly Bags and Polythene Film ) 500 micron
PP Polypropylene 500 micron
Multi layer - laminated film 400 micron  (depending on the type of the lamination - ask for details)


Super Strong Sealing Bar Suspension and Loadable Sealing Bars

With the new design features of the E-Type sealing range the sealing bar closure is always 100% parallel . Each mechanical part of the machine is designed so precisely that no further adjustments are needed after mounting the machine together. The closing pressure of the sealing bar is evenly distributed through the complete length of the sealing bar, this in turn leads to higher seal integrity.

Each part is made out of the highest quality magnesium aluminium alloy allowing the machine to perform in heavy duty industrial conditions,the sealing bar mountimgs etc are made from stainless steel.

The closing and the opening of the sealing bars is made by an electric motor, this means the sealing cycleine can be started by means of a foot pedal or simply touching the sealing bars and applying a small amount of pressure which will start the sealing process. When the sealing cycle (sealing and cooling) is finished the sealing bars will open up automatically ready for the next opperation

semi automatic heat sealer machine


Ultra Strong Magnesium Aluminium Body

The machine body and the sealing bar of each Hacona E–Type impulse heat sealer is made from a one piece ultra strong magnesium aluminum profile. This design feature assures an absolute flat surface for the specially designed impulse heat sealing system. Additionally with the specially designed aluminium flutes inside the frame assists cooling of the sealing wires after the sealing cycle is greatly improved, this in-turn increases the reliability on life span of the sealing elements and gives a far more consistant and strength of seal.

We do offer the anodised E-Type Heat Sealer options to special order. Please ask for details.



The E-Type impulse heat sealing machines offer a wide range of sealing wire options, offering:
• Power saving
• VERY high level of operation security

E – type Sealing Width
5 mm (0,197 inch) wide industrial sealing wire with impulse sealing technology.

The E – type machine can be purchased in two different finishes
E – type powder painted in orange color (as standard)
EI – type silver anodized (to special order)



A technology without compromise: The specially designed E-type sealing wire tensioning system assures at any temperature level, an optimised sealing wire achieved.  At high temperatures, the sealing wire expends itself.  The specially designed upper PTFE teflon tape is designed to underline this function and to assure free movement of the sealing wire at any time. The total surface of the sealing wire is PTFE covered which prevents the bag material sticking to the sealing wire.

The build up of the sealing electrode is designed to achieve perfect sealing results! Below the sealing wire there is a silicon strip with a PTFE tape coating. This gives flexibility to the sealing wire to compensate uneven pressure points.



The sealing wire of the E–Type heat sealer is digitally time controlled. By adjusting the sealing time the temperature will automatically increase in parallel, therefore both operations are set with a simple key combination  The operator will not be able (if the key combination is unknown) to adjust the previously set value. 


The sealing and cooling time can be adjusted by pushing the up and down arrow between a value of 1 – 12. Each value has a preset sealing & cooling time and a sealing temperature.

By switching on the main switch of the machine, the double 7 segment display lights up and shows the present status (set value) of the machine. The machine is in stand-by mode, ready to work.

The average consumption in stand-by mode is less than 1 W / hour.

the machine can be started in two ways:

1.) START with the electrical foot pedal.
2.) START by applying small pushing pressure to the back side of the sealing bars.

At each sealing value an preset cooling time is calculated. For the perfect sealing result the sealing bars remain closed under pressure for additional 1 – 2 seconds after the sealing is finished. This assures the best sealing result, because the sealed packaging material can cool down under pressure!


The complete machine frame is totally enclosed. There are no free running electrical cables as each electrical connection is properly hidden.  The sealing wire is covered with PTFE tape on the total length.  The E-type machines have IP33 level..  The control unit of the machine is located on the same side where the main switch is.



Each E-type heat sealer (as table top version) can be equipped with the following accessories:

• Working table
• Film holding rolls with guiding plates

The E-type sealer can be used independently and also as a table top heat sealer. By adding the working table or film holding rolls to the machine the ergonomic working is underlined. Each accessory can be added piece by piece.. 

The work table and the bag support holds the bag in front of the machine and assures a totally flat surface to lay the product on.  The angle of the working table can be adjusted in 6 angles, starting from horizontal position to almost vertical. Maximum load weight is 10 kg static weight.. 

The working table also includes a bag support plate. This bag support (metal plate) can be adjusted in postition according to the the bag length. The minimum distance from the sealing wire is approximately 100 mm (4 inch) (in horizontal postion) and approximately 250 mm (10 inch) (in almost vertical postition). The bag support can be adjusted very easily.    If the bag support is not needed, it can be removed easily.

The film holding rolls with the guiding plates can support different sized film rolls. Thanks to the split roll technology it is possible to unwind one roll without unwinding the other one. The guiding plates support the narrow film roll from falling to the side. If several sizes of roll are used in the packaging process a second set of film holding rolls with guiding plates can be added to the machine. The film holding rolls can be added only to the table top version!


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