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The NEW Digital  E-Type Heat Sealer from Hacona

The NEW Digital E-Type Heat Sealer from Hacona

Hacona  E Type Digital Heat Sealing Machines

Hacona heat sealers are the most efficient solution for packaging sealing. The new digital technology E-type sealer is our latest addition to the range, giving you increased productivity and seal quality. 

Why go digital when it comes to heat sealers? With the E-sealers digital display technology you can now see the sealing temperature and cycle times on your sealing bar. These can be set and adjusted precisely on the display mounted on one arm  - giving more flexible control over seal quality and energy consumption. 


New features will also help to prevent the premature wire burn-outs and maintenance downtime with the Adaptive Sealing Cycle Control (ASCC) this automatically adjusts the sealing and cooling times to suit the working cycle, this means the sealing wires will not overheat during extended, high-frequency use


Speed and consistency is an important part of the new E-type. An electrical foot connected to a motorized sealing bar mechanically lowers the sealing bar, meaning the operator can place the pedal exactly where it is most convenient and allows for improved head movement. 

Also equipped with an ingress protection rating or IP33 as standard, the unit is protected against the insertion of any object larger than 2.5 mm (an increase from the IP23 rating of the S-Type that only protects against objects larger than 12 mm) and from water sprayed at any angle less than sixty degrees from vertical. Optional IP44 rating further reduces these limits to 1 mm and water spray from any direction.


You can purchase the E-type in the classic Hacona orange powder coating finish, with an optional silver anodised finish for food processing use. For a full range of packaging consumables then please vist us at Get Me Packaging and take a look at what we can offer your business.